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Support and Damage Claim at Airbnb

Are you worried about your apartment and want to feel secure when it comes to damage coverage? Airbnb provides a verified ground for vacation rental. Let’s see what it means with regard to damage claim: what is the process, your options, and obligations?

Maximum occupancy or maximum income?

At first, you might think that having a full calendar is the way to ace a short-term rental business. However, if you think about it, it is actually better to make more money with fewer reservations. What is the difference? Let us explain.

Why your calendar should NOT be full yet

Every property owner on the short-term rental market wants their place to be busy all year with check-ins after each check-out. However, if you already see a full calendar for the summer, we have bad news. You made a mistake, and we will tell you what it is.

What does short-term rental take

Short-term rental requires attention and management on a daily basis. Let’s see what kind of tasks does a host face each day!

Let Professional Photos Sell Your Apartment!

It is by all means a profitable investment to spend on a professional photographer when it comes to capturing your apartment. According to Airbnb’s data, you can increase your rental’s income by 40% if you choose to hire a professional instead of uploading some smartphone snaps. What does an expert know that you do not? Let us tell you!

Standard Equipment of Short-Term Rentals

In order to have completely satisfied guests, you should equip your apartment to their needs. Let’s see what most tourists look for when choosing a place to stay!

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