Get the answers to all the urging questions relating to short-term letting! We have collected the most frequently asked questions and our take on them.

What should I expect when I outsource the handling of my apartment to a property management company?

Our property management company helps owners enjoy all the benefits of short-term rental without the troubles that may come with it. We offer an all inclusive service, meaning that the owners do not have anything to do except for fulfilling the tax requirements of the income from the lease.

Our clients can choose from a range of 3 packages:
15% online package
30% online, in person and cleaning package

*These numbers represent Let Me Inn’s share in case of the packages, respectively. The share is calculated based on the income from the lease, the platform service fees subtracted. We can provide everyone a personalized offer please contact us for more details. 

What revenue should I expect?

Most clients turn to us with this question. The short-term rental model enables a monthly income of an approximate 1000-5000 €, 65% of which is the actual profit. It is important to note that the location of the apartment, as well as its interior design and decoration highly influence the amount of the income. To obtain more precise calculation, please get in touch with our experts.

How do payments work?

Lease income will be transferred directly to your account. There is a waiting time of 3-4 days after the given platform has transferred the amount of the rental and cleaning fees, service shares subtracted. This is always the second day of the booking. In the case of Booking.com, they transfer the money at the beginning of the following month. This amount is already reduced by the platform shares of the month’s lease and cleaning fees.

What performance should I expect?

As for the performance of an apartment, we need to look at the annual average, in order not to overlook seasonal amplitudes. Our entire portfolio performs on a 78,65% annual average.

Are keeping customer records and issuing invoices my responsibilities?

All of our service packages include customer related paperwork. We collect our guests’ personal information and issue invoices for them.

How can I filter my guests?

Ads consist of such cardinal elements as the content of the copy, photos, option settings and search keywords to reach our target audience. Our data analysts constantly examine what conditions and lease settings result in the best possible performance with the highest price per night combination.

Do I have access to the bookings?

Our service runs with 100% transparency. We provide access to our clients to our internal accommodation operating software. This way you can oversee the bookings and the income from all of the platforms we use.

What is the amortization rate?

Naturally, all models of property utilization entail a certain rate of amortization. However, we can minimize this thanks to our multi-filter control system, our creative copywriting and thorough house regulations. The short-term model allows us to inspect the property multiple times a week to ensure preserving its condition.

How much time does it take to launch my apartment’s ad?

From the moment we receive access to the property with the necessary information, all we need is 6 days and your ad is ready to go online!

What is the difference between short and long-term rentals?

The main difference between the two varieties of property rental is that long term means 1 tenant for 12-24 months. In this case, access to the apartment is limited and it is difficult to change from this model to the other one. Short-term rentals, on the other hand, enable regular access to the apartment, as guests arrive for 3-5 nights. There is more control in the hand os the owner and with the perfect location and design match, a greater revenue is guaranteed.

What is included in the service?

We offer an all-inclusive property management service to our clients. We take on the professional photography of the apartment, the preparation and regular revisions of the advertisements, search engine optimization, the building and implementation of pricing strategies. We also handle all bookings and messages, the check-in and out of guests with damage inspection. On top of all this, we take care of organizing the cleaning of the apartments and the linen, including washing, ironing and delivery.

Could it work outside the capital?

With the rise of short-term rental platforms like Airbnb, Booking.com, etc., tourism outside the capital is increasing. Currently, only our online package is available in these locations. We offer assistance with online retail, price and ad optimization and we take over the handling of bookings and communication with guests.

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