Let Professional Photos Sell Your Apartment!

It is by all means a profitable investment to spend on a professional photographer when it comes to capturing your apartment. According to Airbnb’s data, you can increase your rental’s income by 40% if you choose to hire a professional instead of uploading some smartphone snaps. What does an expert know that you do not? Let us tell you!

There are quite a few essential steps before photographing an apartment. Clean the place thoroughly and put away all unnecessary objects. Make the beds with clean, freshly ironed bedding and fold the towels tastefully. Let some natural light inside, pull the blinds up and the curtains apart before taking pictures!

Your guests expect to see realistic photos of the place they are about to book. Make your vacation rental feel like home with plants, a nicely laid table, with a warm, soft-looking blanket placed on the couch or with shower cream prepared in the bathroom. These little details make a huge difference. Although, avoid focusing on them. Try to grasp the overall atmosphere of the room. Think of what it will feel like to enter the apartment and aim to capture its essence! At the same time, you need to stay genuine. Do not deceive your guests with anything that they might miss upon arrival.


Based on Airbnb’s figures, those property owners who upload professional photos of their apartment can generate a 40% greater income than others who have similar apartments in the same area. A good shot can mean 24% more reservations as visual information tells a lot more than a written description. What is more, these high quality pictures can raise your average nightly price by 26%!

So what does a professional know that the everyday property owner does not? Our expert photographer has proven his talent and based on first-hand experience, he knows exactly how to highlight the advantages of an apartment:

“It is not the camera’s technical performance why it’s worth hiring a professional photographer to capture your apartment but their perspective. I often take photos from certain angles, positions or corners that owners rule out immediately, thinking that it is definitely not the right way – tells us our expert photographer. He also believes that the most important aspect when taking photos is to include as much information on one shot as possible. Guests will want to see how the place looks like altogether. They don’t care about particular objects such as plates and glasses. These are sufficient to list in the description or amenities.

This particular photographer takes 15 different photos to create the perfect shot, for which he uses a unique solution, developed by himself.

“Our mark is finding the balance between disfigured, curved panorama pictures and the stretched effect of traditional wide-angle lenses.” – he shares.

The photos of all apartments managed by Let Me Inn are taken without the use of flash and studio lights in order to achieve a more authentic look. All the light on the photos is natural or it is from the bulbs belonging to the apartment. This way it cannot happen that a guest arrives at a dark, windowless hole which she previously assumed to be bright with unnaturally white walls. “What You See Is What You Get” is the motto, meaning that you will find exactly what you expected based on the photos.

The perfect shot says a thousand words! Take a look at the photos of the apartments under our management. If you would like to see similar high-quality pictures of your vacation rental, do not hesitate to reach out to us! Our interior designers, professional photographers and team of experts will help you make the most out of your property!


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