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Offering an all-around service to our clients enables us to unburden you from all chores relating to short-term rental, as well as to maximize your income and your guest’s satisfaction.

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Your apartment in expert hands

Real estate investment
You would like to invest in the short-term rental business, but you need help with finding a suitable apartment? We can help you choose a property best suited to the short-term rental model to maximize your yield.
Naturally, a high yield requires a fitting short-term rental apartment. If there is room for improvement, we have a fast and reliable team of craftsmen at your disposal to help you with unique challenges.
Interior design
As the saying goes, the devil is in the details. Our professional internal design team will help you style your apartment to make it the ultimate eye-candy of short-term rental listings.
Professional photography
We guarantee to take jaw-dropping images for you - photos that will stand out from the crowd so that guests will immediately know that your home is a perfect choice.
Profile preparation & optimization
The right profile is the key for any short-term property rental, connecting hosts with visitors from all around the globe. We prepare and continuously optimize your profile to suit the latest market needs and to attract the right visitors for you.
Revenue management
Our experienced revenue management team monitors the market changes regularly to maximize the potential revenue of our clients. Thanks to our hands-on pricing strategy and a pricing algorithm that is unique in the region, we may increase your revenue by up to 50% compared to what our competitors can offer.
Processing of reservations and inquires
Our multilingual communication team await reservations, enquiries & any arising questions from the guests, providing a seamless customer experience all the way through.
It’s the details that make a guest’s experience perfect. We're aware of this and pay special attention to each and every one of our guests. When we first welcome them in your home, we highlight the apartment’s features and introduce the neighbourhood, offering tailor-suited programs. We also check your apartment after each guest leaves.
Cleaning and linens
Our cleaning team strives for ensuring that your guests arrive in a sparkling-clean apartment. We have a quality assurance system in place, high-grade rented textiles, expert cleaning materials and so on.
We take care of your apartment & make sure to preserve it. If a bulb burns out, the drain is clogged or the key is stuck in the lock, our handy maintenance staff is at your service.
Online concierge
We help your guests before, during and after their stay, whether it’s about answering questions, reserving a table in a chic restaurant, or ordering a taxi. Such small services greatly contribute to 5-star ratings & becoming a superhost.
Administration & invoicing
We keep track of the visitors' book and if you give us an authorization, we manage the compliant and comprehensive reporting to the local municipality.

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