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Why work with us?

We are the only partner of the Airbnb Professional Co-Host programme in the CEE region

Within the framework of the Airbnb Professional Co-Host programme we are the only short term rental management company present in Central and Eastern Europe. Thanks to our close connection to Airbnb, we are able to offer our hosts the possibility for simple & hassle-free short term letting with the aim of getting the maximum return on their investment.

We have top position in Hungary

As an expert company, we provide premium service to our customers and our guests equally. Currently, we manage 180+ properties, even more than 9 billion HUF in Budapest and we already host nearly 20.000 guests to our customer’s homes. We are constantly developing and improving our services to meet all expectations. We are helped by the capital injection of the 2018 HiVentures investment fund.

Expert team optimize every step on the line to generate higher yields than the market average

Get more than 50% benefits. Your apartment gives you more with us than it would with other property managers. We maximize your revenue based on our years of experiences, our professional pricing software and with our experts. We can help you buy, sell or upgrade an apartment, and also in interior decoration. We advertise your apartment for sale for maximum effectiveness, for the best price. If you want to be more familiar with the potential of your apartment, fill the form for income calculation or get in touch with us.

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