Standard Equipment of Short-Term Rentals

In order to have completely satisfied guests, you should equip your apartment to their needs. Let’s see what most tourists look for when choosing a place to stay!

When it comes to the standard equipment of a short-term rented apartment, first consider your own needs. What makes your place homelike?

What equipment is essential in your everyday routine? For example, for female guests a hairdryer is an absolute necessity but due to its size, most travelers would rather not pack their own. The same applies to irons and ironing boards, since many guests visit events like theater plays where they definitely want to avoid wrinkled clothes.

Some guests visit a city as a few day stop of a long vacation or business trip. A washing machine and a tumble dryer can save lives in these cases. Although these guests represent marginal numbers, others might need a washer to save their clothes after an accident at the dinner table.

As for kitchen equipment, a kettle, a toaster and a coffee maker is always required. For the latter, you should pick a capsule machine, as it is easy to use as opposed to a moka pot, which is popular in some countries but western tourists are not familiar with it. It might annoy them that they cannot brew a nice cup of coffee, which might lead to poor ratings.

Soap, shampoo and shower cream are standard equipment of the bathroom. We, at Let Me Inn, care for our guests children and we use skin friendly, colored bath gel with which kids can also play and draw on themselves while taking a bath.

There are not many babyproof properties on the market and it is not worth investing in securing every apartment and adding baby equipment to the list of amenities. At the same time, if a guest arrives with babies or toddlers, it is a good idea to provide a crib and a stroller on demand. As a property management company, we usually rent all the necessary apparatus. Delete it, if it is not working yet in Prague.

Based on our experience, very few guests want to take their pet along on a trip. Therefore, pets are not allowed in any of the properties under our management in order to preserve the condition of the apartments. In case you choose to allow pets, you can provide a cushion.

Our premium properties offer higher quality service, therefore our guests might turn to us with additional needs. As a property owner, you might want to consider investing into fulfilling these requirements in order to gain better ratings, which are beneficial in the long run. An example from Let Me Inn’s course is when a guest asked for special anti-allergenic bedding due to their feather intolerance.

Do you have any further questions in this topic? Do you feel that you need assistance concerning short term rentals? We can offer solutions you might not even think of. Feel free to contact us!

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