What does short-term rental take

Short-term rental requires attention and management on a daily basis. Let’s see what kind of tasks does a host face each day!

If you want to raise revenue by short-term rental, you should first take into account how much daily operations take. Once you are done with that, you can decide whether you stick to managing everything on your own or if you prefer to co-operate with a property management company. Réka Juhász, head of the operation at Let Me Inn will give you some insight into day to day tasks.

“Each apartment has a profile, which we upload to various sites where guests can book. Most of the job is due before the first booking”– Réka tells us. First of all, you have to order linen in the right size and quantity. Before each arrival, you will have to refill the apartment with the necessary equipment. Shampoo, shower cream and soap are a must in all Airbnb apartments, and so are bedding and towels. In our opinion though, providing our guests with a hair dryer is also essential, since according to the statistics, listing one can boost the number of bookings by 5%.

“Communication and keeping in touch is continuous, there could be a new incoming question at any time. Most quests would like to know how to get a taxi, how to use public transportation, what tickets to buy or what are the options for eating out or going out” – detailed Réka. She added that replying quickly results in a higher ranking on various platforms, Let Me Inn’s policy is to answer all enquiries within an hour, even at night.

Guests are always greeted by somebody at the check-in to show them how to enter the building, where exactly do they find the apartment and shows them around in there. Our employee also teaches them the use of the household equipments and the heating system or the air conditioning. During the check-in process, newly arrived guests can also learn where to find the nearest supermarket, a recommended restaurant or how and where to park a car in Budapest.

“Usually, guests send and average of 3-4 messages during their stay. Some of them would like to purchase tickets for an event, other enquire about pizza delivery” – says Réka. Before check-out they send another message about when and where to leave the keys. Our employees meet them again for check-out to take the keys and scan the apartment for anydamage.

Airbnb is open to damage claims within 14 days or before the arrival of the next guest. An electrical outlet can easily loosen or the curtain rod might be torn out of the wall, but we also had a mahogany floor scratched when a guest moved a sofa in the living room. After a damage claim is submitted, Airbnb might charge the guests for the damage or refund the owner if the damage was not the guest’s fault. “An example for this is a key broken in the lock”– lists Let Me Inn’s specialist.

It is crucial to understand that in case of an unexpected damage or maintenance issue, like a lost key at night, you have to act immediately, regardless of what you are doing at the moment. Holidays and long weekends are highly booked periods, when not only guests, but the owners would like to relax. Therefore it might annoy some, when the phone rings due to a guest emergency during the family Christmas dinner or at the movies.

As for extra amenities, it is up to the owner what the equip the apartment with. You can provide a washing machine and a tumble dryer. If it is possible, you can let your tenants use the prepaid place in the garage or parking lot, or you can offer scooter or bicycle rental. ,,Families find it important to have a crib and a baby chair, which Let Me Inn provides for them. We prepare some coffee, tea and sugar next to the coffee maker and the kettle, in order to make our guests feel at home. These all lead to better ratings.” – Réka Juhász added.

As you can see, such and activity entails a great deal of flexibility and time investment on the part of the owner, all of which a property management company is offering to handle. This could be a flourishing investment, because not only will up-to-date professionals help with your rental, but the company also uses smart softwares that are not affordable for individuals.

Do you have any further questions regarding short-term rentals? Feel free to contact our team at Let Me Inn!

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